The ballet of building a business 

This little ballerina has been a bad blogger. I've been informed that at least two (!) kind folks are reading these dispatches, so two apologies are issued for my lack of posting. Now, here we are.

Today was a big day. Up until this point I've put much time, love, blood, and sweat into the renovation of our tiny space. Today, the tears came. Proudly I can say that they were not the result of a breakdown at the end of one of the many long days of work I've been enjoying. Not because I questioned what the heck I was doing with my passion/time/money/etc. (not to mention that of my nearest and dearest, too). But, because all the hurdles to opening our door have been cleared. Plumbing, electric, health department, and finally building inspections passed. The kind city worker added his final signature to my permit card, shared his blessing, and continued on with his day. I was left in the shop, card in hand, heart pounding and overflowing with gratitude, and then they came. Joyful, hard earned, and celebratory. A big day, indeed. Moment savored, then I moved on to keep on with the to-do list of stuff that needs to be done to get things in ship-shape.

Much of this journey has felt like what I know ballet to be, immense effort presented with nothing short of grace and ease, done by an incredible troupe of talented artists. Doing something crazy hard in a way that makes it look super easy, collaboratively. So far, two of three of the main goals I set for myself at the offset of this project have been met-- I've learned so much about building a business, and I've done my best to approach every moment and decision mindfully. My dearest ones are still putting up with me, and I can say that I've squeezed every drop out of every day, most often with a smile and open heart. Goal three, to successfully operate this business built on passion and with a beginner's mind, still remains, but for now I savor the fortune I'm blessed with.

Tonight my sister arrives, tomorrow we work to put the finishing touches on our space, and this coming week with the help of my amazing husband, we'll open a few hours each day to introduce ourselves to the community. A week from Monday (November 5th) we'll be full steam ahead. My goals remain the same, but also turn to serving the community I so care for. I'll do my best to keep posting these little postcards and hope that I'll be able to share a cup of tea with you soon!

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Reader Comments (3)

Love, love, love your thoughts on starting a business, Andrea. I'm so proud of you and know you've put together an incredible experience for customers. I can't wait to be one of them!

October 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMarta

Hi Andrea., like reading here. ,
Good luck!

So wonderful to read about your vision and determination to open a tea shop. I am late in reading this but I hope you have continued following your dream to promote, sell and serve sustainably grown tea.
I understand that dedication, we have been trying to grow our tea in Hawaii, sustainably, for 11 years. It is a challenge but worth all the sweat and tears when you sip and savor the care in its making.

October 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEliah Halpenny

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