Once upon an English cottage...

My first real tea experience took place on the second story of a cottage in Cheddar, England. I was 16, traveling to England with my high school, and the tea shop was nothing more than one woman's small kitchen opened to share liquid joy on a typically foggy and cool day. I only remember there being two tables, the smell of warmth and aged wood, and the perfect English tea spread. I was so impressed, felt right at home, and from there forward would be forever in love with tea and its ritual.

Since that first tea shop trip all travels have included local "teasearch" of some sort or another. My sister, husband, and I have a journal of our favorite touches from each visit--we've kept this record in anticipation of being able to bring it to better our own eventual dream shop. While our service won't be traditionally English in style we will aim to capture the warmth, care and quality this shop embodied so perfectly.

Teasearch action shots (we take our job seriously!):

(L & C: Enjoying English tea service closer to home, R: How to celebrate little brother's 16th birthday? Take him to tea! He really loves his sisters and enjoys his tea.) 

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