Dispatches from the dust cloud

Life at the shop has been a magnificent mess recently. Our "little project" has involved a great deal of tearing down and building up. New plumbing, new floors, new walls, and salvaging as much as possible of the 70+ year old character of our tiny space has been a lot of hard and fun work. 

At the same time we've been dancing through the tight corners of our construction space we've also been tasting new teas, testing new products, and getting increasing excited about sharing tea and treats with you.

As for an opening date... we've got our fingers crossed that we'll be pouring by mid-October. I'm almost afraid to tempt the inspector fates by even mentioning a date, but here's to all going well! You can be sure I'll post updates more frequently as we get closer.

I leave you with a photo that sums up this journey so far. An incredible adventure indeed, one that would not be nearly as fun, or at all possible, without the support and hard work of the handsome man pictured.




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I totally agree with you, you point is right, Thanks for wonderful post.

November 8, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterEffluent filter

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