Following bliss may cause blisters

My teany tiny tea shop has now been open for about 45 days. 45 abundantly amazing/exhausting/inspiring/informative days. Every day, really every hour, I am gifted new lessons in building a business and serving my community and neighbors. There is nothing more heartwarming or encouraging than the support and response I have been given by those that have shared tea or treats in the shop. To witness the dreams and intentions I set before I could ever know what to expect unfold before me each day, makes the long "entrepreneur hours" of a new business owner possible. Not just possible, but nourishing and propelling.

I've been gifted an opportunity to find my place. My place to make those I encounter feel better or calm or comforted if even for the moment it takes to steep a cup of tea. I've found a space that I've been able to fill with laughter and joy, and the story of what it takes to bring those lovely leaves from amazing lands and hands around the world to sippers in Oakland, California. I've crossed paths with kindred company willing to share in my passion for sitting, sipping, and savoring. I've witnessed neighbors getting to know each other better, new beverage territories explored, strong community support of one little gal's dream, and the need we all have to slow down just a bit to connect and refresh in an ancient way in our modern day.

So here I am, following my bliss with gusto and gumption. At the end of extra long days I liken this journey to an amazing hike. Up before the sun each day I lace-up my boots and eagerly prepare for the adventures ahead. At the end of some days when I take those boots off I notice blisters from the day that remind me of what I encounterd along the way and how I grew from it and am better for it.

It is so satisfying and I am beyond grateful.


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